37. FIM Meritum in Tiefensee / Germany

After a long research and due to main saison finally found MSC Victoria Lichterfelde e.V. im DMV a location for the 37th FIM Meritum.

Country Camping in Tiefensee / Werneuchen

Nord east of Berlin, 40 kms away from the German capitol, nearby gorgeous Mecklenburger Seenplatte, Schorfheide or Oderbruch, great countryside and many points of interest.

This will whet your appetite for to come earlier or stay longer or again. After a long motor bike tour you could relax with us at the lake or additional excursion, where you won’t drive on your own. We offer you each on Wednesday and Thursday one tour with a “Kremser” (horse-drawn carriage) or a tour with a hand car. Both tours planned through the area of wonderful Barnimer countryside. Beside of fun will be something prepared against hunger and thirst.

On Friday it will be time to drive with the bike to ship canal lift Niederfinow, where will a ship wait for us to lift us up.

We, MSC Victoria and first of all „the Chief Organizer“ Marina hope you will enjoy the Rendev Vous Mertium and on your way to FIM Rally in Denmark you will stop by us.

P.S: The way to FIM Rally could much shorten by using the ferry between Rostock and Gedser. This ferry runs 20 times a day.

Tiefensee – Rostock    —>             280 kms
Gedser – Roskilde    —>           140 kms

Time of ferry passage is approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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